• Dominik Heil

    Dominik Heil

    Dominik Heil PhD is a Senior Lecturer at Wits Business School, a Programme Director at Cranfield School of Management and a Partner at Hewers Communicatins

  • Linda Sharp Hill

    Linda Sharp Hill

  • Cyriel Kortleven

    Cyriel Kortleven

    Global speaker on the Change Mindset #Simplifier #Interaction #GoestheExtraMile

  • Mdvalker


  • Rishikesh Nayar

    Rishikesh Nayar

    I'm a vocalist and pianist, as well as a music theory and history enthusiast.

  • Sebastian Cevallos

    Sebastian Cevallos

  • Madison Sasser

    Madison Sasser

    I am a twenty-two-year-old administrative assistant by day and a recent graduate wondering what the hell I’m doing by night.

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