Year-long remote work may have caused us to forget our social graces.

While it is very possible that, in the wake of the coronavirus, your company has decided to switch to long-term remote work, some of us are returning full-time or in a hybrid format to the office.

This transition may have you gleeful, disturbed, relieved, or worried. Many of us have…

Strategies for being an effective public speaker any place, any time.

Public speaking is often framed as a skill where success is talked about in terms of tips, tricks, and secrets. But this can become overwhelming and you may find yourself asking, “Which tips should I focus on?” or “Do…

Use the “drive-through talking” technique from Gary Smalley.

Talking with other people is downright difficult. The Harvard Negotiation Project notes this in their book, Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most. Authors Stone, Patton, and Heen list all the topics we wish to avoid when speaking with others, from gender and sexuality to race, politics, and religion.

Difficult Conversations are Common

Studies show it is the communication mode we use the most.

Over the years, communication scholars have wondered which of the communication modes — listening, speaking, writing, or reading — do we spend most of our time doing. Study after study regardless of the targeted population (whether students, employees, or homemakers) show that listening is the activity which people do the…

Because communication isn’t always common sense.

I remember when I told a friend of mine in high school that I planned to major in communication studies. His response was, “So you want to be one of those blonde news anchors?” I could not tell you what offended me more: that he knew me and still assumed…

“Is freedom the permission to do what you like or the power to do what you ought?”

As the United States surpasses 2.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the CDC recommendation for Americans to wear face masks in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus becomes urgent.

While face masks are not required by all state and local authorities, many restaurants and businesses are requesting they…

Lindsey Laverty

I write on professional and interpersonal communication to inform how to relate to one another. My Master’s degree is in Rhetoric & Philosophy of Communication.

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